Help homeless animals by showing the world that you are "RESCUE PROUD" !

Welcome to RED is for RESCUED!
How a single red ribbon can help homeless animals.

Every day in the United States, there are over SIX MILLION homeless animals!  According to 2015 estimates, only 19 states have human populations of more than 6 million.  So on a daily basis, there are more homeless animals then there are humans in each of 31 of our states!  And it's not that we start out with six million animals every year, and then the numbers dwindle down; it's that there are six million homeless animals every day of every year.  The supply is constantly replenished, and there is no end in sight.

Part of the problem rescue personnel deal with every day is that many people still believe that if an animal was turned into a shelter or rescue, it was because the animal had issues, that it was a "problem animal".  Because of that belief, people are still hesitant to adopt a shelter animal.  Although it's true that there is occasionally an animal who can't pass the adoption guidelines, the majority of them are sweet and loving, in a shelter through no fault of their own but due instead to human misfortune.  Pets are surrendered because people lose their jobs or sometimes their health.  Many pets are surrendered just because, sadly, they have become an "inconvenience" to their caretakers.  The pictures below are of three of my rescued darlings, each wonderful and each abandoned by someone for reasons unknown.  

So the goal of RED is for RESCUED! is to, sort of, use our already adopted animals as advertising for those animals still waiting for homes.  We want everyone to see just how many rescued pets there are out there who are living perfectly blissful lives now with their caretakers (I prefer the word "caretaker" to "owner").  We would like to see every caretaker of every rescued pet tie a red ribbon to their pet's collar or leash, to tell the world that they are proud members of an exclusive club, the rescue community.  We want to show the world how wonderful rescued pets really are, and as always, we want to draw as much attention to homeless animals as we can with the hope of attracting more and more people to the world of rescue and encouraging them to ADOPT, not SHOP!  We're hoping that the number of pets walking around adorned with red ribbons becomes so abundant that having a rescue animal becomes the norm, and people will no longer feel the need to encourage the breeding of pedigree dogs.  And we're hoping that if so many people see so many red ribbons on so many pets, they will realize just how big the homeless animal situation really is and will begin understanding the importance of spay/neuter, as well as how crazy it is at this point for anyone to still be breeding animals for profit.  With over six million homeless animals in the world all the time, is it really necessary to keep producing more animals?

So please help all of our homeless pets.  Be their voice, be their champions, and above all, be their saviors.  All it takes is a single red ribbon.

On behalf of all the six million homeless animals sitting in shelters right now, THANK YOU!


Kathleen Fitzgerald

P.S. - Please send me photos of your rescued pets sporting their red ribbons to be included in the RED is for RESCUED! photo gallery!






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